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Established in 2009 by a group of well-experienced homebuilders, Tegrity provides superior residential construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and construction management services to our clients and customers.  We designed our company to provide an unprecedented level of performance in the areas that are critical to a successful residential construction operations: construction management, operational excellence, customer service, compliance and reporting excellence. This focus has translated into a demonstrated track record of superior performance in over the past 13 years.  Our experience ranges from successfully operating within the demanding requirements of disaster recovery housing programs to building single-family homes for individual customers.  We understand what it takes to get the job done right while performing at a high level, navigating through the various challenges that are typical in these programs and working to support our sub-recipient partners to ensure a successful program.

Hurricane Damage


We focus our designs to provide our homeowners with quality, energy-efficient and durable components.  We utilize durable building components to reduce homeowner maintenance. Our rigorous construction standards maintain a high focus on quality and we stand behind that quality with an industry best new home warranty. Tegrity’s robust experience ensures quality construction while maintaining compliance with federal property standards (Housing Quality Standards) and local health and safety codes.

Energy-Efficiency: Our existing residential designs are engineered to exceed current building codes for energy-efficiency while meeting all current windstorm code requirements.


Durability: The materials and components installed during construction have a big impact on long term maintenance costs and property value.  At Tegrity, we carefully select our construction materials and components with durability in mind.  We are committed to ensuring the results of the design process meet or exceed our existing commitment to durability, energy-efficiency, and ability to withstand damage from future storms and hurricanes.

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At Tegrity, we believe that building houses is more than just the physical structure. We work to ensure our customers understand the construction process, are involved before work begins, we walk through the construction as it progresses, and we maintain the relationship after the home is completed and the customer has moved in. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and understand that we are not just building a house, we are BUILDING A HOME.

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